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Supporting those working in Sport 

In Northern Ireland we rely heavily on the work undertaken by a wide range of people within our sporting system. Without these people - SDOs, administrators - coaches, leaders, teachers, officials, club officers etc. there would not be as many opportunities for people to get involved and stay involved in sport.

Clearly in order to develop sporting opportunities and raise standards of performance, there is an ongoing need for this work force to continually develop its knowledge and skills. This will ensure the people involved to better manage the changes and increasing demands that they face For example, child protection, legislation, insurance litigation etc.

The junior club development pack continues to act as the UK standard in this area and underpins the club development and training programme delivered throughout the country.

Running sport courses, a programme of training courses geared towards improving club management and administration.

Kids First - the development and delivery of a DENI initiated training course for primary school teachers, coaches and sports development officers which seeks to develop an understanding of the complimentary roles of PE and sport in schools.

Sports Leadership training

Sport For All Leader Award Scheme - a joint initiative between SCNI and the Irish Sports Council designed to provide a panel of trained, knowledgeable and enthusiastic community based sports leaders whose aim is to encourage more people to become and remain involved in sport and physical activity.

In addition to training courses the Council manages 2 quality initiatives which support people working in sport.  These include:

Junior Clubmark leaflet details and Quest for Facility Management and Sports Development services.

Contact for Training Courses:  Coaching NI  

Contact for Junior Clubmark:  [email protected] 

Contact for Quest: [email protected]   

e: [email protected]  
t: 028 9038 3854  
f: 028 9068 2757   




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