Do you want help to run your sports club?

When you volunteer to help run a sports club, you can end up running yourself ragged. If only you had less work to do or more help to do it, or the club was better organised. Then you could work less and play more, just as you know it should be.

With Running Sport, it's more fun, less sweat.

Now there is a solution which provides wholehearted support for the biggest hearted supporters of sport - you, the volunteer. The Running Sport programme will equip you with the knowledge and skills to be the best you can be at running your club.

What does Running Sport entail?

The Running Sport programme is made up of booklets, home study packs and workshops, which advise you on almost all aspects of managing and administering your club.

It gives you practical solutions to the real problems you face day by day.

The introductory level offers you support, help and guidance on everything to do with the fundamental management of your club. The topics include:
  • Getting Things Done
  • Running Meetings
  • Running a Club
  • Looking after the Money
  • Raising Money
  • Making a Match
  • Getting it Right
  • Making your Point
  • Managing the Risks
  • Taxation and Sport
  • Starting a Junior Section

The key level includes a home study element as well as the workshop and is for the more experienced club official, who is more involved in the running of their club or sports organisation. The topics include:
  • Personal Effectiveness
  • Time Management
  • Leadership and Delegation
  • Motivation and Team Building
  • Balancing the Books
  • Managing the Money
  • Effective Networking
  • Smart Marketing
  • Finding the Funds


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