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Sport for All Leader Award Scheme 

The Sport For All Leader Award Scheme is a joint initiative between the Sports Council for Northern Ireland and the Irish Sports Council.

It is designed to provide a panel of trained, knowledgeable and enthusiastic community based sports leaders, whose aim is to encourage more people to become and remain involved in sport and physical activity.

Course content

Unit 1 - What is a Sport For All Leader?
Unit 2 - Leadership Skills.
Unit 3 - Safety and Accident Prevention.
Unit 4 - Ethical Issues.
Unit 5 - Planning and Organising a Sport For All Session.
Unit 6 - Planning and Organising a Sport For All Programme.
Unit 7 - Administration.

Eligibility to train as a leader

Those wishing to train as a leader must be:

  • over 16 years in Northern Ireland, and
  • over 18 years in Ireland

Potential trainees should already have a link with a group. Specific sporting skills are not required. Interest, enthusiasm, communication skills and the intention to use the award are more important.

Training and assessment

The training will be a practical and enjoyable experience.

Participants are assessed throughout the course on:

  • attendance;
  • interest;
  • personal skills;
  • leadership skills.


Trainees who receive a satisfactory course assessment will be invited to plan, lead and evaluate at least five Sport For All Sessions and these must be logged in the Sport For All Leader logbook.

Completed logbooks are returned to the Sport For All Office and a Certificate of competence will be issued.

Add on modules

Add on modules allow the leaders to develop their leadership skills in specific areas and deliver a variety of sessions. The following modules are available:

  • fair play

  • child protection

  • soccer

  • adventure activities

  • Top Sport

Sport for All Tutors

Only tutors who have successfully completed an official Tutor Training Programme are authorised to deliver Sport For All Leader courses. Anyone interested in becoming a tutor should contact Coaching NI.

e-mail:  [email protected]  
tel :       (028) 9038 3857  
fax:      (028) 9068 2757  
website:coaching NI





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