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National Squads

Many governing bodies offer talented performers representative opportunities.  Depending on the structure of the governing body in Northern Ireland, performers may either represent: 

  • Ulster – potentially progressing to Ireland representation;

  • Northern Ireland – potentially progressing to “Great Britain and Northern Ireland” teams. 

The age at which representative opportunities start will vary depending on the sport.  In addition, some sports will not only offer representative opportunities for the best performers at under age and senior level, but will offer opportunities for developmental squads and veteran players etc. 

The Sports Council’s role regarding national squad and individual preparation programmes is: 

  1. to offer advice and guidance on the development of preparation programmes including the use of use of Sports Science/Medicine services etc where appropriate, 

  2. to encourage governing bodies to establish comprehensive performance pathways that keep performers in the sport and continuously raise standards, 

  3. to provide financial investment towards representative preparation programmes including the sending of individuals and representative teams to events at inter-provincial level and above.



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