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Multi Sport Camps   

What are the objectives of Multi Sport Camps?

What sports/activities are included?

What do the Coach Development element of Multi Sport Camps consist of?

Multi Sport Camps are referred to in the Strategy for the Development of Sport in Northern Ireland and the Performance and Excellence Strategy and represent a key step on the performance ladder for young people in sport in Northern Ireland.   Whilst the vision had been documented for some time, it is only  with the advent of increased funding from government that it has been possible to put our aims into action and pilot a Multi Sport Camp Programme.  Five pilot multi sport camps were held during February 2003 with local authorities involved as follows: 

  • Castlereagh Borough Council & Down District Council (joint project)

  • Craigavon Borough Council & Brownlow Campus Sports Trust (joint project)

  • Limavady Borough Council

  • North Down Borough Council & Ards Borough Council (joint project)

  • Omagh District Council

The success of the camps is currently being evaluated.  However, the following should provide answers to some of the questions that you may have regarding Multi Sport Camps.   

What are the objectives of Multi Sport Camps?

The objectives of the Multi Sport Camps are as follows: 

  • to provide participants with the opportunity to experience and receive coaching in, a wide range of sports or generic skill based activities, to help them develop their personal skills and sports experience;

  • to help the participants recognise their potential talent and make informed choices regarding their future sports participation;

  • to enable local clubs to provide quality coaching opportunities for young people who are not currently involved in clubs, therefore  encouraging future club membership;

  • to demonstrate the benefits of involvement in sport;

  • to provide opportunities for the training and education of  coaches, teachers, sports leaders and parents so that they can assist young people to nurture and develop their sporting talent.


What sports/activities are included? 

The choice of sports/activities included within Multi Sport Camps is left to the discretion of the organiser.  However there should be local clubs available in the area and the sports included should be appropriate for both sides of the community, boys and girls.  A sport should not be included within the pilot unless it is possible for a participant to continue with it following the Camp. 

Some of the sports included within the various pilot projects included: Athletics, Badminton, Basketball, Gaelic Football, Judo, Rugby, Soccer and Trampolining.


What do the Coach Development element of Multi Sport Camps consist of? 

A variety of courses can be delivered through the coach development element of the programme.  These include: 

  • Working with primary school teachers on talent identification protocols and how to support talented young people;

  • Working with coaches involved with talented young performers;

  • Working with sports club personnel regarding the recruitment and training of young people and developing specific programmes for the Multi Sport Camp participants.

Working with parents regarding their role in the development of talented junior performers.

If you would like to find out more about the Multi Sport Camps pilot programme in general, please contact [email protected]  





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