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Publications and Reports

The following publications are available for download in adobe acrobat format (.pdf)





Access To NI Countryside

13.5 MB

Assessment of Adult Participation in Sport in NI

2.21 MB

Corporate Plan 2003-2006

439 KB

Countryside Recreation Strategy

12.3 MB

Developing Local Sport Strategies

2.97 MB

Economic Impact Of Sport

20.7 MB

Economic Impact Of Sport - Summary

1.24 MB

Guide to District Sports and Recreation Strategies

7.49 MB

National Facilities - NI Shopping List

3.05 MB

NI Health and Activity Service

7.50 MB

Performance and Excellence Strategy

9.10 MB

Sports Council NI Annual Report 1999

10.1 MB

Sports Council NI Annual Report 2000

15.2 MB
Sports Science Provision - Executive Summary (MS Word) 55.5 KB

Strategy for the Development of Sport in NI 1997 - 2005

0.97 MB

Strategy on Sport For Young People

242 MB

Sustaining Active Lifestyles

5.56 MB

Tax Breaks for Sports Clubs

184 KB

Value Of Sport

8.46 MB

Willing and Able

5.43 MB

Young People's Involvement in Sport and Physical Recreation in NI

6.22 MB



The following list gives an example of other documents which are accessible.

These will be obtainable or download shortly.


NI Leisure Day Trip Survey

Physical Education and Games in Post Primary Schools

Sports Medicine Register


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