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Women in Sport


  • Girls aged 7-11 are less than half as likely to take part in physical education and sport compared to boys (British Medical Journal 2001)

  • Girls and young women need access to quality coaching and competitive opportunities if they are to fulfil their potential

  • 40% of girls drop out of sport and physical recreation by the age of 18 (Youth Sport Trust 2000)

  • One in three girls aged 11 in the UK is overweight and between the ages of 16 and 24 women are twice as likely to be obese (YWCA 2001)

In 1996, Sport NI launched a Women in Sport Policy Directive, which highlighted the need to provide better opportunities for girls and women to become involved in sporting activities and coaching.

As a consequence to this Directive and the growing interest among girls in sports which have traditionally been male dominated, SCNI are working with Governing bodies, Local Authorities, Sports Organisations and Voluntary agencies to address the needs of women and girls within sport and to ensure that their practices and procedures are inclusive and equitable. 

Sport NI have worked in partnership with the IFA to initiate Women Only Soccer Coaching Courses and ran a highly successful “Millennium Women in Sport Festival” and “Women in Sport” Conference.  Sport NI has identified women’s team sports as an area, which needs specific focus, and subsequently supported the development of a Women in Sport Network with representatives of women’s Gaelic, Women’s Camogie, Women’s Rugby, Women’s Cricket, Women’s Netball and Women’s Soccer. 

Sport NI recognises that women under represented in terms of access to and or/ participation in sporting activities.   Therefore, the Sport NI Lottery programme states, where an application demonstrates a programme of activities, which significantly increases participation for people with women, the application will be deemed of high priority.



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