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Community Relations 

Sport NI is committed to sport without prejudice, and is working tirelessly to promote equality of opportunity to participate in, observe, administrate or develop sport regardless of political belief, political opinion or cultural identity. 

This is achieved through the following: 


  • "Fair Play" Equity Training Programme for coaches,  educationalists, Governing bodies and youth workers. 

  • Development of policies and programmes congruent  with Community Relations best practice and Sports   Council anti discriminatory policies, designed to  improve community relations in Northern Ireland.

  • Development of training initiatives, which will help   to build a capacity for interdependence amongst  community and youth groups using sport as a means of developing young people. 

  • Advice to statutory and voluntary agencies involved in the development of sport in Best Practice  Community Relations policies, building partnerships  through which Sport NI best practice in the Community Relations policies and programmes can be delivered. 

  • Dialogue with other agencies as a means of assisting policy development and practice as part of the broader development of an equitable society. 


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