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Research and Evaluation

Welcome to the Sport Northern Ireland Research and Evaluation Section

Sport Northern Ireland is an organisation that is focused on promoting sport and the benefits that can be achieved through sport.  The aim of the organisation is to make decisions that are based on evidence rather than the opinions of groups or individuals.


In line with the recommendations made in Game Plan, the joint DCMS and Strategy Unit report, and the Strategy for Sport & Physical Recreation in Northern Ireland, Sport Northern Ireland is committed to developing and improving the evidence-base for sport.


The role of Research and Evaluation is to advise on Sport Northern Ireland's strategic policy development and evaluation of its programmes.  The work programme of Research and Evaluation is shaped by the priorities identified in 'The Strategy for Sport and Physical Recreation 2007-2017' (draft).


Sport Northern Ireland’s research is subject to high quality standards to ensure that the results are credible and can be easily replicated if required.


Current Research

This section provides details of all current research that is being carried out by Sport Northern Ireland.

Recent Research Publications

Recently published reports and publications that relate to research undertaken by Sport Northern Ireland can be viewed and downloaded from this section.

Previous Research

This section provides access to reports and publications that have resulted from previous research.

Useful Links to other Research



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