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Last Updated: Monday, 19 November 2020

Recent Research Publications

The research publications are available in electronic (PDF) format and can be downloaded from this webpage.  Hard copies of the publications can be obtained by contacting Sport Northern Ireland.

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Paul Donnelly - Policy, Planning and Research Manager
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Colm Jennings - Policy, Planning and Research Team

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Jamie Uprichard - Policy, Planning and Research Business Information Analyst


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Recently Published Research Reports
A Literature Review of Sexual Orientation in Sport

The purpose of this study was to review and critique the literature on sexual orientation in sport in order to inform equality impact assessments, support the implementation of the sports councils' equality schemes and inform the advice given by these agencies on developing sports participation among those who are lesbian, gay, bisexual or transsexual and on tackling homophobia in sport.

To download the report click here

To download the summary click here

Sport in Our Community - Investment Programme Report

This publication reports on the progress made towards the the Sport in Our Community Key Performance Indicators at the end of the second year (31 March 2020) of the four year programme. This report presents data collated from End of Year Reports. The data reported at the end of Year 1 has created the baseline for the programme, compared against data presented in Year 2 .

To download the report click here
Improving Physical Literacy

Improving Physical Literacy’ focuses on reviewing the current practices and literature relating to the development, delivery and measurement of Physical Literacy. During 2005, Sport Northern Ireland considered in detail the concept of Physical Literacy and its delivery in Northern Ireland. This review builds upon and continues the work which Sport Northern Ireland has been engaged in since 2005.

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Pilot Community Sport Programme -

Final Evaluation

The report provides a comprehensive evaluation of the pilot Community Sport Programme funded by the Department of Culture, Arts and Leisure.  The overall aim of the evaluation was to review the impact of the pilot Community Sport Programme on individuals, communities and partners. The central theme of this report is a comparison between what was supposed to happen, and what did happen.

To download the report click here
Economic Importance of Sport in Northern Ireland
This report is part of Sport Northern Ireland's effort to build the evidence of the economic value of sport.  It focuses on the econonic value of sport to Northern Ireland in 2004, providing comparisons between the other regions of the UK and estimates from 1998.
To download the report click here

Community Sport Programme

End of Year Report (Year 2 of 3)

The purpose of this document is to report on the progress made towards the Community Sport Programme Key Performance Indicators (KPIs).  This report is based on data collected from the projects and submitted to SNI in the Year Two End of Year Reports 2006-07 (to 31 March 2020)
To download the report click here

Mourne Area of Outstanding Natural Beauty Access Study

This report seeks to undertake a wide-ranging and broad analysis of access provision in the Mourne AONB.  While it aims to put forward a comprehensive examination of the main issues and debates, it does not claim to present a definitive analysis of all issues and discussions.  The report acknowledges that there are various sensitivities surrounding some of the issues to be addressed and it endeavours to deal with these in a sympathetic, impartial manner and from a wholly objective perspective.
To download the report click here
Women in Sports Leadership
This report examines the number of women in sports leadership roles.  The following seven groups were surveyed to provide evidence for this report: sports clubs, governing bodies of sport, district councils, sports advisory councils, community/voluntary groups, Sports Institute and Sport Northern Ireland (formerly SCNI).

To download full report click here

For Women in Sports Leadership Report Summary click here


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