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Arts Council Northern Ireland
Details of Arts Council Award Schemes. Details of ACNI Lottery Award Schemes
Awards for All
Awards for All is a grants programme setup up to help small groups. It is supported by the Heritage Lottery Fund, the Arts Council of England, Sport England, the New Opportunities Fund and the Community Fund.
Community Fund
Community Fund is the operating name of the National Lottery Charities Board, the independent organisation set up by Parliament in 1994 to distribute money raised by the National Lottery to support charities and voluntary and community groups throughout the UK and to UK agencies working abroad.
Department for Culture, Media and Sport
Covers the role of DCMS, and provides information on youth sport, community sport and world class sports, current news, and details of all National Lottery awards.
Heritage Lottery Fund
Every year we help millions of people throughout the United Kingdom to care for and protect our heritage, to learn about and enjoy our heritage, and improve the quality of life for our own and future generations.
The Millennium Commission
The Millennium Commission distributes Lottery money to assist communities in marking the close of the second millennium and celebrating the start of the third. Initiatives supported covers four broad initiatives: Millennium Projects Millennium People Millennium Festival Millennium Dome and are based around five core themes: Encouraging environmental sustainability Promoting science and technology Revitalising our cities Investing in education Supporting our communities
the National Lottery Good Causes
This gateway gives easy and instant access to the National Lottery funder which may best suit your needs. You can do this by browsing through our quick Guide to National Lottery Funders or via our Funder Search.
the New Opportunities Fund web site
a Lottery Distributor created to award grants to health, education and environment projects throughout the UK

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