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Investing in Sport 2003/04

Investing in Sport 2004/05 Application Forms

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Following negotiations with the Department for Culture, Arts and Leisure and the increase in exchequer funding available to spend until 2006, the Sports Development Unit officially launched its new Investing in Sport Programme in February 2003. 

The Investing in Sport Programme has three funding streams: Competitive Opportunities, Skilling People and Employment, all of which are designed to redress problems holding back the development of sport.  The aim of each funding stream is:  

Competitive Opportunities

The Competitive Opportunities programme seeks to assist organisations to prepare and send underage performers to competitive events at a range of levels.  This challenge fund is accessible to a range of voluntary and statutory organisations.

Skilling People

This programme aims to provide support to organisations who are involved in the identification, recruitment, training, development and management of people working in sport by providing financial resources that will assist in running a wide range of training and education programmes.

Employment Programme

A Sports Council for Northern Ireland investment programme designed to create, develop and manage employment opportunities that enhance the development of sport in Northern Ireland.

Skills for Sport

This programme aims to create, develop and manage projects to enhance the development of Sport in Northern Ireland.

Regional Developments Squads

This programme is designed to offer quality coaching to talented young people through Education and Library area or county-based squads.

Programs re-open for applications every 12 months, with the exception of the employment program, which opens every 3 years.




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