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Day 1 Thursday 2Oth November 2003


Ministerial Address Opening addresses from Government Representatives.


Keynote Speech

Sport at Performance Level - the rationale behind the Long Term Athlete Development Model; can it work on the Island of Ireland?

Speaker: Istvan Balyi (Advanced Training and Performance Ltd)

Keynote Speech

Sport at Community Level - establishing sustainable structures to develop sport at a community level. 

Speaker: Brian Porteous (Genesis Consultancy)



Long Term Athlete Development - the implications for education systems.
Chair: Sue Campbell (UKSC) and special guest Brian Kerr


The Public and Voluntary Sectors - Rhetoric or Reason is too much being asked of the Voluntary Sector?
Chair: Fred Coalter (Stirling University)


Long Term Athlete Development and Governing Bodies - how can governing bodies embed these principles into their structures?
Chair: Istvan Balyi (AT+P Ltd)


Investing in Sport - An Investment in Health - how can sport and physical activity be used to develop healthier communities?
Chair: Pat McCartan (North West Belfast Health and Social Services Trust)


Reclaiming the Inner Cities Through Sport - how can we develop ownership of local community initiatives?
Chair: Brian Porteous (Genesis Consultancy)


Long Term Viability of Local Sports Facilities and Stadia - can they become a focal point for community enterprise?
Chairs: Gerry Connolly and Kip Hewitt (Stadia Management)


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