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Sports Lottery Fund


The SCLF has been distributing Lottery funds to sports in Northern Ireland since 1995.  Since this time approximately £50 million has been awarded through a range of capital and revenue programmes.

The SCLF distributes awards based on a “challenge fund” principle.  Almost all of the SCLF’s programmes have set closing dates for applications and all applications received on or before the closing date compete for funding against the criteria of the programme and against the other applicants who have applied at the same time.  Applicants should be aware that demand for funding outstrips supply and although the SCLF continues to make a significant impact, many eligible applications may be disappointed by rejection or reduced offer of award. 

The SCLF aims to build upon the positive elements of the lottery funding to date through the launch of its second Strategic Plan.  This Strategic Plan outlines how the SCLF will allocate its share of lottery funding for the period 2002 to 2007.  The plan illustrates SCLF’s intended priorities, activities, targets and programmes during this period.

In order to achieve its strategic priorities, the SCLF plans to operate the following programmes over the period of the Strategic Plan:

Building Sport

Revenue Programmes


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