FDC Award Winners

July 2004


Dunclug Primary School


     Dunclug PS were nominated by the Ballymena FC Youth Development Officer, Philip Melville.

The team have won five trophies this season, including local Primart 7 tournaments,

     11 a-side tournaments and the League.  The team also reached the quarter finals of the

     Northern Ireland Primary Schools Cup.


Wendy Lyons and Colin Manley Bangor FC


               Joint winners Wendy Lyons and Colin Manley were nominated the Bangor Youth

           Development Officer, Craig Bowers.

                  Wendy is a teacher at the Redburn Primary School, Holywood.  She has been

           very supportive of the FDC Programme throughout the last academic year.
           Wendy has been keen for Craig (Bangor YDO) to guide her in the teaching and

           promotion of soccer throughout the school. 


           Colin plays centre forward for the Castlereagh Boys team.  He recently completed

           his work experience with Craig and travelled around many local schools, keen to pass

           on his skills.


           Craig has been impressed with Colin's talent for the game and has asked him to assist

           Craig throughout the summer.  He has made a great contribution to the Football

           Development Centre.




Antonio Guadiano - Glenavon FC


     Antonio was nominated by the Glenavon FC Youth Development Officer, Seamus Heath.

Throughout the whole year Antonio has been ever present in all the Glenavon FDC events    including:-

     - Mini-Soccer

     - Easter Camps

     - Summer Camps


      Antonio is a very skilful and enthusiastic footballer, keen to attend every football event

      that he can.  He mixes very well with other children, having made friends with children from

      all communities and highlights what football in the community is all about.



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