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Junior Clubmark is a quality assurance scheme which aims to raise the profile and standards within junior sports clubs across Northern Ireland. There are two Awards which your junior club can apply for: Junior Clubmark or Junior Goldclub. Once achieved, parents, junior members, prospective members and the volunteer coaches, helpers and administrators will know that your club is committed to providing safe, quality sporting opportunities for young people.

Clubmark sets a standard by specifying a number of criteria. Perhaps your club already meets some or all of these.
  • appropriate time for junior club sessions;
  • child friendly, qualified coaches;
  • appropriate safety and administration procedures in place;
  • links with other clubs and schools;
  • the potential for young people to progress as performers, administrators, coaches;
  • recognition of all young people for their contribution to the club.

In addition, clubs which can meet additional criteria which highlights their commitment to continuously improving their opportunities for young people, will be eligible for Goldclub.

These include:
  • opportunities for inter club competition;
  • links with external agencies;
  • the development and recognition of volunteers within the club;
  • structured activities with local schools.

Junior clubs are crucial to the development of young people in sport. However, the pressures on volunteers are growing all the time. Why not find out more about the Clubmark Scheme and how it can assist you to raise the quality of your club whilst offering support and recognition to your volunteers.


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