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The Following list is only to give you an example of documents available.

For a full listing of resources available on-line and off-line, please check or resources channel.

Access to the Countryside 4.99
Countryside Recreation Strategy
Economic Impact of Sport
Economic Impact of Sport - Summary
Guide to District Sports and Recreation Strategies
National Facilities - NI Shopping List
NI Health and Activity Survey - Main Findings 4.99
NI Leisure Day Trip Survey 4.95
Performance and Excellence Strategy
Physical Education and Games in Post Primary Schools 3.00
Sport for Young People 5.00
Sports Council for NI Annual Report
Sports Medicine Register
Strategy for Development of Sport in NI
Young People's Involvement in Sport (Routledge) 14.99
Young People's Involvement in Sport and Physical Recreation in NI - Summary  
Participation in and physical activities by Adults in Northern Ireland  



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