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What is Quest?

Quest is a quality initiative for the sport and recreation industry. Quest is designed by and for the industry to help leisure facility managers, the managers of health and fitness centres and those working in sports development to assess, improve and continue to improve the quality of service provided to customers.

Quest defines industry standards and good practice, and encourages their application in a customer-focused management framework.
The Sports Councils in England, Northern Ireland, Scotland and Wales endorse Quest and provide financial support to develop and operate the scheme.

But how will Quest help to achieve quality?

There are two Quest Manager Guidance packs covering the following areas:

  • leisure facilities;
  • sports development;

The packs provide the industry standards and best practice information against which managers and officers self-assess their own operations in order to:

  • make informed judgements about how they are performing against recognised industry standards;
  • identify areas for improvement;
  • draw up their own plans of action to raise the standards of their service.

The Scheme encourages managers to consider their service from the customer's point of view, asking key questions such as:

"If it is not what the customer wants - why are we doing it?"

Quest also offers the opportunity to receive an external objective assessment and, as the scheme develops, there will be opportunities to:

  • exchange information on quality issues;
  • promote good practice;
  • identify areas where the industry could improve;
  • develop advice and guidance in these areas to help raise standards.

The Manager's Guidance Packs will be regularly updated as the standards develop, and participants will be invited to contribute to the future development of the standards to ensure they genuinely reflect industry best practice and customer needs.


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