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On Track with Sport

'Sportsline' is the quarterly newsletter of Sports Northern Ireland.

Every few months we will update you on a range of information including sporting news and highlights, events, stories of success for talented athletes, sport in local communities and more, so be sure to visit our website to stay on top with the current sports scene.

Please click on the links below to view issues of Sportsline.

We would welcome any comments about what you thought of the news stories and what you would like to see more of in future issues. Please forward any comments to [email protected]


Sportsline - August 2008 (.pdf 1.03 MB)  

Sportsline - April 2008 (.pdf 1.07 MB)

Sportsline - Dec 2007 (.pdf 1.07 MB)
Sportsline - July 2007 (.pdf 1.07 MB)  
Sportsline - March 2007 (.pdf 0.99 MB)  
Sportsline - November 2006 (.pdf 0.85 MB)  
Sportsline - May 2006 (.pdf 0.98 MB)  

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