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Welcome to SPORTSZONE – our monthly magazine designed to give you a flavour of sport in Northern Ireland – those who contribute to it and those who compete.


Every month SportsZone will bring you information on sporting activities, interviews with Northern Ireland athletes giving you an insight into their sporting career, and a behind the scenes look at those who work to further develop sport, create more awareness and endeavour to encourage people to get involved and try something new.


Through SportsZone we will highlight the commitment of athletes to their sporting career and the sworkforce behind sport, the challenges they face and the message that sport is fun and should be enjoyed by everyone.


We hope you enjoy reading SportsZone – and spread the word that it is now a monthly must read. We would welcome any comments – particularly about what you would like to read about in future issues – please forward to [email protected]


     Issue 14 (.pdf 1.5 MB)

  • 22nd Belfast 3rd World Run
  • On Target with Louise Aiken
  • Hockey, a sport for everybody
  • Rowing: an Endurance Test
  • Talking Point: Obesity
     Issue 13 (.pdf 1.5 MB)

  • Coach of the Year 2008
  • The 26.2 Mile Challenge
  • Discover the World of Bowls
  • Netball - Precision of the Court

     Issue 12 (.pdf 1.5 MB)

  • Special Edition: Building Sport in Northern Ireland

      Issue 11 (.pdf 1 MB)

  • Boccia - why is it suitable for everyone
  • Promoting an inclusive partnership approach to community building
  • New face in cricket
  • Fergal Smith - thriving on riding the energy of the ocean
  • AKR - getting the word out

      Issue 10 (.pdf 1 MB)

  • A Truly Inclusive Experience
  • Bringing Inclusive Fitness to you
  • Why Cycling?
  • A Tenpin Experience
  • Untapped Resources - Quality Coaches

      Issue 09 (.pdf 1 MB)

  • Special Issue focusing on TMC
  • Be Adventurous - Explore the Outdoors
  • Times past and ahead for TMC
  • Jennifer Redmond, Officer Manager
  • Canoesport and Mountaineering

      Issue 08 (.pdf 1 MB)

  • Special Issue focusing on SINI
  • Jo Hopkins, High Performance Manager
  • David Lasini, Strength & Conditioning Coach
  • Declan Gamble, Physiologist
  • David Minion, Physiotherapist

      Issue 07 (.pdf 1 MB)

  • Queen of the Ice - Karla Quinn
  • Matthew Bell makes a Splash
  • On Track with Anna Boyle
  • Ciarrai Conlon - Marketing and Press Officer

      Issue 06 (.pdf 1 MB)

  • Celebrating 25 years Lisburn Half Marathon
  • Fencing - A sport of mind and body
  • Stephen McCartney - Community Sports Dev Officer
  • Speed Lifesaving

       Issue 05 (.pdf 1 MB)

  • 21st Annual Belfast Third World Run
  • Fighting talk with female boxer Alanna Audley-Murphy
  • Tommy Evens looking for raw cycling talent
  • Causeway Wildcats put FUN in FUNdamental learning
SportsZone - Issue 5
       Issue 04 (.pdf 1 MB)
  • Tackled Emma Thornbury with our 20 questions
  • Behind the scenes with Carl Southern
  • A look at Tai Chi
  • Profile: Madeline Perry
SportsZone - Issue 4

       Issue 03 (.pdf 1 MB)

  • Spotlight on: Jan Dinsdale
  • Up Close With: Sasha Turkington
  • Focus on: Community Sport
  • A Year in Review for Gymastics Northern Ireland
SportsZone - Issue 3

       Issue 02 (.pdf 1 MB)

  • New Staff Profile: Colleen Barr
  • Focus on: Physical Activity & Health Awareness for Women
  • An interview with: Diarmaid McAuley
  • Getting to Know: Paul Donnelly
SportsZone - Issue 2

       Issue 01 (.pdf 1 MB)

  • Spotlight on Taekwondo
  • A Day in the life of: Jayne Moore
  • New Staff Profile: Richard Honeyford
SportsZone - Issue 1

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