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Northern Ireland volunteers prepare to play their part

On Tuesday 18 February the first Northern Ireland volunteer induction was held in Belfast, with many interested people turning up to show their support for the 2003 Special Olympics World Summer Games. A number of World Games staff had travelled up from Dublin to present the attendees with information about the various sections that they could work in.

The volunteers were presented with interesting and informative presentations by the Games' staff members, as the key areas involved in making the Games a success were explained and outlined to the group.

Following the overview of the Games and the explanation of the key sections within the Games' structure, the volunteers and Games' staff mingled to help explain what was needed to as many people present as possible.

Belfast's King's Hall will be hosting Roller-skating for the World Games, and volunteers will be required to work in as many varied roles in Belfast as at any of the venues in Dublin, ranging from Information Services through to Catering.

Although the numbers required to make Roller-skating a success in Belfast are significantly lower than that required for the events in Dublin, a large number of volunteers are still needed in Belfast to make the Games a success. If you are interested in volunteering, please visit the Volunteer Registration section of the World Games' website at www.2003specialolympics.com


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